The Druid Irish Pub

Upcoming Events

Absolut Comedy Sundays

Sunday, 11:00 AM

 $4,50 Okanagan Springs Draught (0.3L)

9PM Stand Up Comedy Hosted by Lars Callieou

Wingo Mondays

Monday, 11:00 AM

40c Wings (5pm 'til Late)

$4.50 Moosehead Draught (0.3L)

$4 Fireball (1oz)

$5.25 Jagermeister (1oz)

$5.25 Jamesons (1oz) 

9PM Bingo Toonz Hosted by Scott Parsons



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Call (780) 454-9928

Today’s Feature


$5.25 Jagermeister (1oz)

$5.25 Jameson (1oz)

$5.25 Fireball (1oz) 

Come for a Pint, Stay for the Party!

Also enjoy our Brunch Sundays from 11am-3pm